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Top seven Places to go with your Cornwall Heritage Trust Membership

Cornwall Heritage Trust works to preserve and strengthen Cornwall’s distinct heritage; they own some of the most iconic historic sites in Cornwall, which are free to access all year round. Discover the full range of sites to visit at

Membership of Cornwall Heritage Trust gets you Free Entry into all English Heritage Sites in Cornwall, 50% off entry to King Edward Mine and 50% off admission at Wheal Martyn.

1. Carn Euny
This well-preserved Iron Age village gives a tangible sense of lives once passed. Walk around the remains of Iron Age roundhouses and have a look at the iconic fogou (a captivating underground chamber whose purpose is unclear). Set inland in the beautiful Penwith landscape, it offers stunning views and is a hidden gem. This site is managed by Cornwall Heritage Trust

2. Treffry Viaduct
Tucked away in beautiful Luxulyan Valley the Treffry Viaduct dominates the landscape with its impressive granite ode to Victorian Engineering. Built between 1839 and 1842 by its owner, Joseph Thomas Treffry, it was the first large civil engineering structure of its kind to be built in Cornwall. Standing at 90 feet high and 670 feet long, this viaduct is also an aqueduct and had the dual purpose of carrying both a tramway and a high level leat across the valley. Treffry Viaduct is owned by Cornwall Heritage Trust.

3. Wheal Martyn
Wheal Martyn China Clay museum is located inside two former Victorian Clay works and has much to offer any visitor. Woodland walks around the grounds offer beautiful wildlife alongside a working waterwheel, tools and machinery and spectacular views of the modern clay working pit. Inside you can find interactive exhibitions alongside a fantastic café. Cornwall Heritage Trust Members enjoy 50% off admission to Wheal Martyn.

4. Caer Bran
This Iron Age hillfort is a new acquisition for Cornwall Heritage Trust. Thanks to membership funds and a grant from Historic England they have been able to secure the future of this stunning hillfort. With panoramic views of the Lizard and St Michael’s Mount, it’s a lovely place to walk the rings of the hillfort and see the Bronze Age Cairns, Iron Age banks and more modern mining remains.

5. The Hurlers
The Hurlers are three rings of stone circles on Bodmin Moor dating back to the Early Bronze Age. The name ‘hurlers’ comes from the folklore that the stones are men turned to stone for playing the game of hurling on a Sunday when they should have been at Church. The Hurlers offer a wonderful walk around the wild moorland and have some spectacular views. This site is managed by Cornwall Heritage Trust

6. Castle an Dinas
Purported in mythology to be King Arthur’s hunting lodge, Castle An Dinas is another Iron Age hillfort well worth visiting. Located near Goss Moor, just off the A30, this hillfort can be seen for miles around and offers some of the most impressive views. Teeming with history and biodiversity this hillfort is a fantastic place to get in touch with Cornwall’s history. Castle an Dinas is owned by Cornwall Heritage Trust.

7. Tintagel Castle
The iconic site of Tintagel also has strong links to the story of King Arthur. Sitting atop the rugged North Coast, Tintagel offers a legendary adventure into the past. Explore the ruins, go across the new bridge and meet the life-size statue of an ancient king, or discover merlin’s cave. Cornwall Heritage Trust Members receive free entry in all English Heritage Sites in Cornwall.

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