Melting Cornish Yarg Heart: Guest recipe blog

Seasonal recipe from Chef Sanjay Kumar (previously Head Chef at the Headland Hotel, Newquay)

When it comes to pleasing my vegetarian wife gastronomically, there are only a few comfortable/confident tricks that I can use during the month of February. A vital part of this Valentine recipe is planning ahead, and I order my heart shaped Cornish yarg cheese around mid January. Cornish Yarg, made at Lynher Dairies, is the Champagne of Cornish cheeses, and what makes it really special is it tangy freshness which is uniquely moreish. Still made in small batches by hand, each cheese is wrapped neatly in locally-picked nettle leaves (see, they even gift wrap the cheese in edible wrap!). Once delivered well ahead of time, I bake the cheese in a moderate oven, on the day. Just enough for two, the baked cheese produces a hot, creamy, sticky, smelly, bubbling pool of Cornish taste heaven.

Just enough for 2:
A whole heart shaped Cornish Yarg cheese
A few drizzles of good white wine
Lots of crusty bread and gherkins

Place the heart shaped cheese in a oven proof dish. Slice the top off the cheese and drizzle with a little white wine. Replace the lid. Bake the cheese in a pre-heated oven to 400ºF for 25-30 minutes or until hot and bubbly. We enjoy the melted Yarg heart by dunking in some chunks of crusty bread, munching on gherkins, sipping on the rest of the white wine, while listening to classic Hindi movie songs of the bygone era.

Sanjay says: A rather similarly unique fondue experience can be achieved by replacing Cornish yarg with a ripe Camembert.

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