Top Tips for Days Out

A holiday should be hassle free, a chance to relax and forget about the day to day chores. But to make sure things run smoothly, a little bit of forward planning is sometimes needed.

Here’s a few tips to help you enjoy your holiday.

- Book ahead: We recommend that you book as much as possible in advance. Eating out, attractions and activities may all be busy again this year. There’s nothing worse than turning up somewhere to find out it’s full.

- Have a Plan B: The best made plans can come unstuck, it rains when you wanted to go to the beach, the café decided to close early, the bus failed to turn up…

- Involve the family in planning: It’s everybody’s holiday so let them all have a say in what they want to do and where they want to go. At the same time, it’s always nice to have some surprises.

- Budget: A day out can be expensive, do a little bit of research beforehand, see if you can find money off vouchers for attractions, check meal prices, it might be cheaper to take a picnic.

- Dress for the weather: Check the forecast beforehand, it might rain, but on the other hand it might be blazing sunshine so take a hat and suncream. You’re in Cornwall, it could do both on the same day.

- Tide Times: If you’re planning a day on the beach, check when the tide will be in. Not just to avoid being cut off, but also it’s no fun if it’s is crowded because there’s not much beach! Also, it’s always worth going to a beach with a lifeguard, especially if you have children.

- Don’t rely on Sat-Navs: Cornwall has lots of narrow roads and high hedges which can make reversing a nightmare! Always take note of local signage and drive carefully.

- Don’t try to do too much: There’s loads to do in Cornwall, but why spend your holiday driving up and down the A30 trying to see this or do that. Relax and enjoy your local area, you can always come back another time?

- Jam First: If indulging in a cream tea, make sure you put the jam on the scone before the cream. Failure to do so may result in strange looks from the locals!

Finally, Across Cornwall you may still encounter staff shortages and delays in shops, restaurants etc. Covid is still with us and just because there are no more restrictions, please continue to follow public health guidance and if a business asks for you to wear a mask, please respect this.

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