Bodmin Moor National Landscape

The largest section of Cornwall's National Landscape at nearly 200 square kilometers, Bodmin Moor is an expanse of grassland and heather punctuated by granite outcrops.

Evidence of many prehistoric settlements abounds. In marshy hollows rivers such as the Fowey rise and in hidden valleys ancient oak trees remain.

Though cut almost in two by the A30, nonetheless the moor retains a surprising remoteness and sense of wildness. Natural rock formations such as The Cheesewring and man-made formations like The Hurlers stone circles add to the mystery.

Most of the land lies at the comparatively low height of 200 metres, rising to 400 at Rough Tor and 420 metres at Brown Willy, the highest point. It is one of the warmest and wettest uplands in Britain though you might not think so in the snowy depths of winter.

The moor is home to a plethora of plants and some rare and protected wildlife such as otters, Marsh Fritillary butterflies, bats and songbirds such as the Stonechat and Wheatear. Bodmin Moor is also the only place in the world where a rare moss, the Cornish Path Moss, grows.

As well as the high granite tors, prehistoric hut circles and standing stones, there are some more modern historical areas of mining and quarrying. Small farmsteads, many medieval in origin, support livestock grazing – helping to keep the moorland and heath free from scrub and bracken.

Colliford and Siblyback lakes, and Dozmary Pool with its supposed Arthurian associations, are all significant bodies of water. There are also large conifer plantations at Halvana and Smallcombe Downs. Grab yourself an OS Map and get out and explore... the Moor is a great place for walkers.

Poldark connection:

The cast and crew found themselves on Bodmin Moor for a large part of their time in Cornwall. Scenes featuring the exterior of Ross Poldark’s cottage, Nampara, were shot here along with many capturing the cast on horseback. With a rugged character and wild streak, Bodmin Moor provides the perfect backdrop to Poldark’s plot of passion and family dramatics.

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