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Fish – let’s #GetHookedOnHealthy!

Committed to local, sustainable sourcing, working closely with the very best markets and fishermen around the Cornish and South West coast, their aim is simple - to bring the finest, freshest fish and seafood directly to your door.  Specialising predominantly in Cornish fish, Fish for Thought also offer a fantastic range of fresh fish, frozen, shellfish and smoked fish online.   


Lobsters are a speciality, and whilst others will gladly supply inferior imported lobsters, Fish for Thought only sell native lobsters, the majority of which are landed in the clear waters of the Atlantic off the north and south Cornish coast. As supporters of the National Lobster Hatchery’s ‘Buy One, Set One Free’ Program, Fish for Thought take a proactive approach to sustainability and environmental issues.  In an aim to expand consumer knowledge, they appeared on Channel 4’s ‘Food Unwrapped’ program giving viewers an understanding of how the Lobster industry operates. 

Team Work

Fish for Thought have a team of seafood experts, all fully trained in-house at their Headquarters in Bodmin just waiting to carefully and expertly prepare your order.  In the Fish for Thought Seafood Kitchen, Head Chef Adam produces a range of remarkable, handmade seafood dishes which are simply world-class!  From a legendary Lobster Mac and Cheese to a classic velvety Thermidor Sauce, he takes things to a whole new level and can do all the hard work for you! 

Seafood Recipe Boxes

Fish for Thought is inspiring everyone to join their #SeafoodRevolution, to cook and enjoy incredible seafood dishes at home. They launched the very first Speciality Seafood Recipe Boxes in 2016, delivering everything you need to prepare restaurant-standard seafood meals at home.  Customers can choose to receive their box weekly, every two, four or eight weeks, with a changing menu of 9 delicious dishes to choose from.  Included is a step-by-step guide to help you create each dish, plus Chef Adam will have done a lot of the preparation for you and in one or two cases, the whole meal! 

Fish for Thought TV

With their very own You Tube channel, you can be a part of a virtual seafood cookery school, dedicated to sharing recipes, hints and ‘Fish & Tips’ about all things seafood. Join the community on Fish for Thought’s Facebook and Twitter pages for brill-iant ‘how to’ video guides, magni-fish-ent offers and most importantly, fin-tastic fun!  

Fish for Thought Guarantee

Confident that their seafood is between 3 and 7 days fresher than you can buy from the supermarket, you can’t get fresher fish unless you catch it yourself!  Fish for Thought’s range of fish and seafood is extensive, so visit their website to learn more and see how easy it is to join the #SeafoodRevolution.

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