Looe Island

Looe Island sits just off the south coast of Cornwall and is a haven for wildlife.

In 2004 Looe Island was left to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust by Babs Atkins who had bought the island with her sister in the 1960s. The trust have continued to manage the island as a nature reserve and allow visitors to explore the island throuout the summer via boat trips from the harbour at Looe.

The island is home to many nesting birds such as cormorants, shags and oystercatchers. It has the largest breeding colony in Cornwall of the majestic great black-backed gull. In 2010 a great black-backed gull ringing project was started on the island. So far 400 birds have been rung and sightings of the young birds have been reported from as far afield as north-west Spain! 

The island is also home to grey seals who can often be seen in the summer months swimming around the island. With adult males of around 2m long and weighing over 200 kg they are Britain's largest mammal. 

At various times during the summer there are guided walks (see website for details)

Please note that dogs are not allowed to visit the island.

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