National Trust Glendurgan Garden

Glendurgan Garden was described by its creators, the Quakers Alfred and Sarah Fox, as a 'small peace [sic] of heaven on earth'.

There are three valleys of Glendurgan to lose yourself in - full of amazing plants. Sun-loving specimens enjoy the upper banks, and plants with big leaves and exotic flowers thrive in the subtropical lower valley. In Spring, an abundance of wildflowers fill the sloping sides of the valley.

Wandering through the garden leads you down to the unspoilt hamlet of Durgan on the Helford River.

Walking up from Durgan you can find a boat seat, a gigantic tulip tree and ponds teeming with wildlife. You can also learn about the Fox family who created this valley of adventure.

The maze has been foxing people for nearly 200 years. Who will be first to reach the middle of the living puzzle?

Photos courtesy of National Trust and taken by John Miller, Jason Ingram, Carol Drake and Mary Cobill.
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