Visit Cornwall Accommodation Charter

Visit Cornwall fully supports both the National Quality Assessment Scheme run nationally by Quality In Tourism [QIT] for VisitEngland and The AA, as well as the Visit Cornwall Recognised Inspection Scheme. We recommend that businesses adopt either the national or local scheme as they provide a valued independent view and assessment of your business. This independent view can bring a real insight and excellent advice to assist you with running and developing your business. They also provide an award to use on your website, promotional materials as well as your business. 

However, we do recognise that for some businesses there may not be the business based justification for using these schemes and, in these circumstances, Visit Cornwall is willing to consider allowing these businesses into membership, advertise/promote them and engage with them on other related Visit Cornwall activities. 

Businesses that wish to use this non-assessed approach can apply to Visit Cornwall providing they are willing to comply with and sign the Charter overleaf. 

It must be noted that Visit Cornwall reserves the right to refuse applications and its decision is final with no further communication being entered into. 

To become a Promotional Partner of Visit Cornwall and/or purchase advertising for your accommodation on and related websites, in our print publications and in our tourism marketing campaigns, we ask that you agree to the 11 point charter below: 

1. Working With Visit Cornwall - To work positively and proactively with the Visit Cornwall team and representatives and ensure the positive promotion of Cornwall to our visitors. 

2. Welcome - To provide a warm, professional, courteous and friendly “Cornish” welcome to all visitors. 

3. Customer Satisfaction - To have a Complaints Policy that can be implemented speedily and effectively; to ensure that any issues that may arise are resolved by prompt, professional and polite action. 

4. Quality & Standards - To ensure you maintain good standards of appropriate facilities, services and cleanliness. 

5. Accuracy - To ensure all information provided for visitors is up to date, accurate, provided at the right time and by appropriate methods. 

6. Information - To ensure all information is readily available to visitors, especially with regard to pricing [including extras], taxes and payment and packaged items. 

7. Accessibility - To maintain an Accessibility Statement that is regularly reviewed and amended to take account of the needs of visitors with disabilities; to fully assist visitors with specific needs, in order to maximise enjoyment of their visit; to ensure facilities and services are reasonably accessible to visitors with disabilities. 

8. Legal Requirements - To fulfil all legal obligations and responsibilities [fire precautions, display orders, food safety/hygiene, licensing, health and safety, discrimination, trade descriptions, data protection, Hotel Proprietors Act, etc] and maintain adequate insurance cover. 

9. Discrimination - To provide a welcoming and caring service to visitors that does not discriminate, eg, by gender, race, religion. 

10. Cancellations - To maintain a Cancellations Policy that is readily available for visitors at each stage of their visit from pre-booking through to after departure. 

11. Sustainability - To manage your business in a way that supports the natural environment; to minimise carbon footprint; to actively source/use local produce, where reasonable. 

Alternatively you can download the form HERE and post it to;

Visit Cornwall CIC, 30 Boscawen Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2QQ

Other Legal Requirements (dependant on business type)
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all other requirements within this Charter
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