Visit Cornwall's Tourism Fortnight 2022

Towards the end of March 2022 Visit Cornwall hosted four events under the Visit Cornwall 2022 Tourism Fortnight banner,  these provided members, and tourism and hospitality businesses, with specific topic sessions to assist our members and businesses to be prepared and make the most of the coming year. 

Topics covered included...

  • How do I cope with increased costs in 2022 and beyond?
  • Overwhelmed with the amount of business support on offer, but unsure where to go?
  • How do I cope with the staffing challenges? - The importance of having a “People Plan” as part of our business strategy
  • Digital marketing developments - what should I be concentrating on?
  • How to create and adopt your new sustainability plan and actions?

Click on the listing to see the weeks presentation slides.

Also, we have now loaded the complete presentations with voice-overs on our YouTube Channel HERE

Wednesday 23rd March    Business Operations   

  1. Growth Hub Services 
  2. Financial trends in the hospitality sector into 2022 – Francis Clark  - Tom Roach
  3. Cashflow Management, Cloud Accounting - Francis Clark - Georgina Stephens
  4. Staffing and Recruitment – DWP Katherine Davey 
  5. The Cornwall and IOS Skills Hub - Bethany Allen
  6. Healthy Workforce Check – Cornwall Health – Graham Hicks and Susan Mercer
  7. TEVI   Circular Economy, Environmental Growth  - Dan Bloomfield

Monday 28th March  Future Markets and Growth Opportunities    

  1. Results of 2022 Visitor Survey – Malcolm Bell
  2. UK Research (Domestic Market) – Visit England, Humphrey Walwyn  Further data can be found here..  Consumer Sentiment Report
  3. International Visitors (Inbound Market) – Visit Britain, Devki Patel
  4. New Segments for Cornwall – Malcolm Bell
  5. Book-ability Challenge, Opportunities and Experiences – Beyonk, Ross Williams

Tuesday 29th March   Digital Marketing Day   

  1. Google Developments -  MiHi Digital, Mark Worden
  2. Use of Video and Film – Sound View Media, Gareth Allen & Chris Dewar
  3. Digital, Website Developments, Direct Marketing – MiHi Digital, Mark Worden
  4. Social Media – Oh So Social!, Katherine George
  5. Visit Cornwall NEW Website – Malcolm Bell 

Thursday 31st March   Sustainable & Responsible Tourism Day   

  1. Delivering for Cornwall, NOT Damaging Cornwall (Tourism Strategy) – Malcolm Bell
  2. The Experience Project – Celine Holman
  3. Carbon Challenge – Carbon Buddy, Colin Hastings
  4. Sustaining the Visitor Economy & Environment – University of Exeter, Victoria Smyth
  5. Wildlife friendly and rewilding – Cornwall Wildlife Trust
  6. Manda Challenge Session – Wildly Brilliant,  Manda Brookman
  7. Tackling Food Waste - WRAP, Andy Twells

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