Farm Stays in Wadebridge

Experience the rustic and unique charm of a farm stay in Cornwall. Detach from everyday life as you unwind in the Cornish countryside, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and nature.


Cornish farm stays allow visitors to embrace the region's rural charm and natural beauty. Nestled amidst the picturesque countryside, they provide an opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy a peaceful retreat.

Wadebridge Town Centre

Farm Stays in Wadebridge

Embrace authentic rural life with a farm stay in Wadebridge. Rest amogst rolling hills in the Cornish countryside and spend your days exploring the town itself. Discover the Camel Trail's cycling adventures or wander through quaint streets dotted with artisanal shops. While enjoying the tranquillity of the countryside, guests can easily access nearby coastal areas, charming villages, and popular attractions. From exploring rugged cliffs and sandy beaches to visiting historic sites and indulging in local arts and crafts, there is much to discover within a short distance from the farm.


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  • It's about 9 km (5.5 miles) from Wadebridge to Padstow along the Camel Trail. It's flat all the way on a good hard surface. Most people walk it in about two hours, but it can take longer if you stop to take in the fantastic views!

    There are busses back to Wadebridge if you don't fancy the return walk.

  • The impressive bridge across the River Camel was built in 1468, and allegedly the piers rest on sacks of wool because the mud was so deep they could find no stone.

    However, it has now been proven that the bridge does sit on the underlying bedrock.

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