Glamping at Land's End

Experience the thrill of glamping in Cornwall. Discover unique Cornish camping options with a touch of luxury. Embrace nature in style with cosy yurts, safari tents, and more. Land's End is mainland Britain’s most south-westerly point and one of the country’s most famous landmarks. From the 200 foot high granite cliffs that rise out of the Atlantic Ocean you can gaze across to the Longships Lighthouse, and on a good day, the Isles of Scilly

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Glamping combines the comforts of modern amenities with the immersive charm of the great outdoors, allowing visitors to connect with nature while enjoying a touch of luxury. In Cornwall, glamping sites are scattered throughout stunning landscapes, from countryside to coast. Glampers can choose their ideal location to indulge in the breathtaking scenery that Cornwall has to offer.

Boskenna Shepherd's hut

Glamping at Land's End

One of the main attractions of glamping in Cornwall is the opportunity to immerse oneself in nature. Glampers can wake up to the sound of birdsong, breathe in the fresh air, and step outside their accommodations to find themselves surrounded by the region's natural wonders. Whether it's stargazing under clear night skies, enjoying a cup of coffee amidst a peaceful woodland, or exploring nearby trails and walking paths, the possibilities for outdoor adventures and relaxation are endless.

FAQ's Land's End

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  • Land's End is the legendary Cornish destination that has inspired people since ancient Greek times when it was referred to as 'Belerion' – Place of the Sun. It's one of Britain's best loved landmarks, famous for its unique location and beautiful scenery and the finishing/starting point of many trips from/to John O Groats.

  • Lizard Point is the most southerly point of mainland Britain, however Land's End is the furthest point from John O Groats in distance, hence it tends to be the place most journeyed to.

    Neither is Land's End the most westerly point on mainland Britain, that honour falls to Ardnamurchan Point in the Scotish highlands.

  • It doesn't cost anything to get into Land's End, you can just walk into the main entrance or pass through on the South West Coast Path. However, you will need to pay to park and if you wish to visit any of the attractions in the complex. The prices can all be found on the Land's End website.

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