Holiday Parks and Campsites in Redruth

Sleeping under the stars, barbeques, getting back to nature...sounds idyllic doesn’t it?


Camping in Cornwall offers a laidback holiday style. Enjoy the simple pleasure of being part of the great outdoors, spending time with friends or family and waking under canvas.

Sunset over West Cornwall

From its earliest days as a small market town, Redruth became the centre of Cornwall’s tin and copper mining industry during the 19th century. At the time it was the largest and richest metal mining area in the UK and the landscape in and around the town would have been a mass of engine houses belching out smoke and fumes.

The countryside is still dotted with the mining remains, but is also a green and pleasant land. The north coast is very close with a range of holiday parks and campsites within easy reach of the A30.

For more details on Holiday Parks in and around Redruth, click on the link below.

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