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Welcome to the only roof tent specialist in Cornwall, where we’ve got a brilliant range of roof tents from all the top brands. Our showroom’s the perfect place to have a look at different styles and find the one that’s just right for you.

We’re here to help with advice and can sort out fitting your tent too.

    Come and see what we could offer....

    Fancy trying out a roof tent for your holiday in Cornwall, or planning a road trip around the UK? Our rental service is spot on for anyone wanting to give roof tent camping a go without buying one, or if you’re short on storage space at home.

    It’s a great option for locals and visitors keen to explore the beautiful sights of Cornwall and beyond. Drop by and get set for your next adventure!

    Perfect for discovering our wild landscapes or enjoying a spontaneous weekend away, a roof tent is your ticket to freedom, adventure, and cosy nights under the stars. Unfolds in moments into a snug retreat, elevating you above the damp ground.

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