Hotels in Boscastle

The picturesque harbour of Boscastle is one of Cornwall’s most romantic places. Boscastle's hotels are perfect for couples looking for a relaxing break.

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Boscastle is a place steeped in history, associated with authors and artists who have been inspired by its remoteness and rugged beauty.

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Hotels in Boscastle

Boscastle is bursting with character, from quaint old buildings to crooked cottages and wonky rooftops. The main village sits above the working harbour and is a pleasant place to explore.

The hotels in the village boast beautiful views out over the harbour and are in walking distance of local shops, cafes and restaurants. Follow the path from the harbour and you'll be met with serene coastal views.

Plan your charming Cornish getaway at a hotel in Boscastle and start the countdown today.


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  • No.. the nearest beach is Bossiney Cove, a beautiful hidden gem to the west of Boscastle.

    The cove has a small sandy beach which is completely covered by the tide at high water and access to the beach is via a footpath over farmland and then by steep steps, a route which is not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs. (PLEASE NOTE: We have had reports that access to the beach is closed, please check locally before heading that way. May 2023)

    From the beach see if you can spot Elephant Rock hidden in the cliff face.

    At the right hand side of the cove there is a great cave to explore that is about 60 feet high at the entrance but only 15–20 feet wide. It opens up into a large cavern with two more caverns which become very dark. The cave continues after this point but the floor becomes rock and very uneven.

    If goiang around into the cove to the east, please be aware of the tides and don't get cut off.

  • Boscastle is best known as a tourist destination because of its quaintness and the epic location of the harbour beneath towering hills. It's popular with walkers, and those in search of the dark arts... and many may remember the flash floods that struck the village in August 2004 and caused extensive damage to the village.

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