Hotels in Looe

With all the home comforts and luxury touches, a hotel stay in Looe is the perfect choice for your next holiday in Cornwall.


Stay at a harbourside hotel in Looe and wake each morning to breathtaking views, fresh sea air, and the tranquil sound of birdsong.

Hannafore Point Hotel

Hotels in Looe

The seaside town of Looe keeps visitors entertained all year round and you can stay a stone's throw from the action at one of the town's hotels. Watch the children ramble through the rockpools on the soft sandy beaches and wait for the fishing fleet to return to the harbour with the catch of the day. Looe prides itself on its award-winning fish and chips and no trip to the town would be complete without sampling some local seafood.

Looe's hotels boast everything you need to enjoy your stay, with something for all the family. Discover more and book your next adventure today.


The answers to your all-important Cornish questions.

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  • It depends which beach, the main sandy beach at East Looe has a dog ban all year around, whereas Hannafore Beach at West Looe is fine for dogs.

  • It's an argument that's been going on for hundreds of years, and not one Visit Cornwall wishes to take sides on!

    East Looe is the bigger of the two former towns. It has the most shops and a nice sandy beach. However, many prefer West Looe as it is a little quieter and if you know where to go, the beach at Hannafore provides lots of hidden corners for sunbathing, it's also great for rockpooling.

    We have been informed the local saying is "One's the moneyside and one's the sunnyside" but which is which we are not sure?

  • No, and many would say it doesn't need one. There are four convenience stores dotted around East and West Looe and several bakers (Good for pasties!), a greengrocer (which also sells meat), a fishmonger and a health food shop.

    If you are really desperate for a supermarket, there's a couple at Liskeard, eight miles away.

  • No, but then again it is generally a safe beach with gently sloping sand and usually sheltered from big waves and currents.

    Visitors should be aware that jumping from the pier is not allowed and dangerous.

    Also you should not swim in the river.

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