Inns & Pubs in Tintagel

Mix with the locals and taste Cornish culture by staying at a pub or inn. This is where great food meets comfy beds and a hearty Cornish welcome – oh, and a chance to try some of the local good stuff!

Wonderfully rural or in a town or village with the hustle and bustle of Cornish life on your doorstep, take your pick. Steeped in magic and mystery, Tintagel’s connection with King Arthur has made the area popular with tourists, artists, and writers for centuries. Situated on a dramatic coastline pounded by the Atlantic, there’s much more to offer than just legends.

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Be welcomed with warm hospitality at Cornwall's Inns and Pubs. Discover charming establishments offering comfortable rooms, delicious local cuisine, and a relaxed atmosphere.

The Port William, Tintagel

Inns & Pubs in Tintagel

The combination of comfortable accommodation, traditional charm, friendly hospitality, and culinary delights creates a memorable stay that captures the essence of Cornwall's unique character.

You’ll be met with warm hospitality and local culture as you embark on a quintessential Cornish getaway at one of Cornwall’s inns or pubs. The cosy atmosphere invites visitors to relax in a friendly setting. Enjoy a drink around the crackling fire, or soak up the summer sun and impressive views from the garden.

One of the highlights of staying in an inn or pub in Cornwall is the opportunity to savour the region's delicious cuisine. The restaurants serve up a tantalising array of dishes featuring fresh local produce and seafood. From traditional Cornish pasties and hearty pub classics, to innovative gastronomic creations, guests can indulge in a culinary journey that celebrates the flavours of Cornwall and beyond.

FAQ's Tintagel

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  • Yes, it's all part of the castle experience. An adult ticket is £14.80 (2022) or free to English Heritage members.

  • Yes, but you probably need to be interested in King Arthur and mythology. There are other things to see, the old post office, the clifftop church and the spectacular coastline, but the shadow of the King is always lurking over your shoulder.

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