Bossiney Cove Beach

Bossiney Cove Beach | Tintagel | Beaches in Cornwall
Bossiney Cove
PL34 0AX
Dog Friendly
Just a mile along the road from Tintagel towards Boscastle there lies Bossiney Cove, a beautiful hidden gem.

The cove has a small sandy beach which is completely covered by the tide at high water and access to the beach is via a footpath over farmland and then by steep steps, a route which is not suitable for whellchairs or push chairs.  From the beach see if you can spot Elephant Rock hidden in the cliff face.  

At the right hand side of the cove there is a great cave to explore that is about 60 feet high at the entrance but only 15–20 feet wide. It opens up into a large cavern with two more caverns which become very dark. The cave continues after this point but the floor becomes rock and very uneven.

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