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Adding General Information

Navigating to General Information

Navigate to the offering type your product sits within, i.e. Accommodation, Things to do, or Local Business. Click on the 'Edit' button and select 'General Information' from the drop down.

This is a large image. Ideally this image should be at least 1920 x 1350 & high resolution

Product Thumbnail

The general information for your offering shouldn't change too often, these fields name your product and give users a little more detail. The fields outlined on the left power the thumbnail information on the right, seen throughout Visit Cornwall, most notably in search results. Remember to click 'update' when you are finshed making any updates.

Contact Details

Next up is the contact details you want to share with users. Address is first and emails, website and telephone number is next.

You will notice there are two fields to complete with website information. The first is the website label, this is what the user will see written on your page. The second is the direct URL to your website. Please make sure to include a complete URL in the second feild.

A complete URL should start with http://www. or https://www. if you have an SSL installed.

Ideally 1350 x 1080 in size & High Resolution


Finally we have 'Tags', these are useful for users to find your product during search.

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