Cornish Masters Art Gallery, St Ives

Cornish Masters Gallery is in the centre of St Ives, on the High Street, just around the corner from the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Gardens. The gallery repurposes the old Midland Bank in St Ives where its high ceilings and Cornish granite façade create the perfect stage for showcasing the art movements, schools and colonies of painters that evolved and flourished in Cornwall in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

From the Newlyn School's introduction of en plein-air realism (or naturalism), to the abstract modernism of the twentieth century St. Ives School, artists in the far west of Cornwall have been at the forefront of artistic development in the UK for a century. Along the way, off-shoots in Falmouth and Lamorna have added to this rich heritage of prominent artists. Common to all the schools and colonies has been an experience of immersion in West Cornwall; with its ancient landscapes, busy fishing ports and enveloping ocean; and living and working amongst its working people.

All works are for sale and exhibited artists include: Stanhope Forbes, Walter Langley, Frank Bramley, Harold Harvey, Edwin Harris, Henry Scott Tuke, Lamorna Birch, Charles Napier Hemy, Frank Brangwyn, Julius Olsson, Dorothea Sharp and John Anthony Park - and from the St Ives School of Modernist painters: Peter Lanyon, Terry Frost, Paul Feiler, John Wells, Adrian Heath, Bryan Wynter, Roger Hilton, Michael Canney, Trevor Bell and the sculptor Denis Mitchell.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new gallery in St Ives and to showing you our works of art where they were conceived and created!

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