Royal Cornwall Museum

At Royal Cornwall Museum, we want to establish and share collections and archives that celebrate Cornwall and Cornish culture, create a space at the heart of Cornwall where ideas can be discussed and challenged, and become a place for sharing knowledge, learning, creativity and ambition.

We offer a dynamic programme of exhibitions and events that explore our collections, local history, and Cornish culture. Visitors are welcome to explore the museum all year round with an Annual Pass, while children and members can enter for free. The museum is also home to the Courtney Library, an institute for research and learning, that visitors can browse at a small extra cost.

Royal Cornwall Museum is also home to various community groups like the 'Museum Monday Club', a small group for those with mild to moderate dementia. We are also a popular destination for school trips and offer a range of learning engagement and activities.

The museum is run by an independent charity, the Royal Institution of Cornwall.

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