Chysauster Ancient Village

Chysauster Ancient Village | West Cornwall | English Heritage
Chysauster Ancient Village | West Cornwall | English Heritage
Chysauster Ancient Village | West Cornwall | English Heritage
Chysauster Ancient Village | West Cornwall | English Heritage
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This Iron Age settlement was originally occupied almost 2,000 years ago and is one of the finest examples of such in the country.



Following the latest government recommendations, we have taken the decision to close all our staffed historic sites from the end of Wednesday 18th March until 1st May. We will be reviewing this and will keep you updated. Some sites may be opened earlier and we will let you know if this is the case. We also need to cancel our public events during this period.

Free-to-enter sites will remain open to visitors. These sites have large open spaces in which visitors can maintain social distancing and they are often located in quieter spots away from crowds.

The village was made up of of stone-walled homesteads known as 'courtyard houses', found only on the Land's End peninsula and the Isles of Scilly. The houses line a 'village street', and each had an open central courtyard surrounded by a number of thatched rooms. 

The people of Chysauster were farmers and archaeological investigations have revealed that cereal crops were grown in the fields surrounding the village. It is also highly likely that pigs and goats were kept by the settlers and the site is believed to have been occupied for around 100 years. The reason for their departure is not known but could have possibly have been due to a decrease in the population or the availability of fuel. 

Today visitors can walk around the village settlement to gain a sense of what the houses would have looked like and how the settlement was laid out. There are also the remains of an enigmatic 'fogou' underground passage - the purpose for this could have been as a ritual building, a hiding place or a cold store - what do you think it was used for? 

Set on a hillside, the site has stunning views across the countryside and out to the sea and is home to a fantastic range of flora, fauna and wildlife as well as some visiting birds enjoying the warm climate of the far west of Cornwall.

Don't miss
    * A chance to explore the rugged surroundings
    * The spectacular carpet of bluebells in spring
    * The landscape views unchanged over time

Dogs welcome on leads

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