Gwynver Beach

A secluded stretch of golden sand to the north of Sennen Cove, Gwynver Beach is a wild and untouched Cornish haven that, according to Arthurian legend, is named after King Arthur’s wife, Guinevere.

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, this vast stretch of sand and its turquoise waters is surrounded by steep granite cliffs and is only accessible via an arduous path down through the sand dunes. The right hand side of the beach is dominated by the rocky headland of Aire Point, through which passes the South West Coast Path heading towards Cape Cornwall and providing spectacular views from the cliffs, and on fine days the Isles of Scilly.

Providing some of the best surfing conditions in Cornwall, Gwynver attracts experienced locals with its ever present large waves. Life guards provide cover during the summer months and their advice should also be sought before going in the water.

Lifeguard cover from May until September (2023).

Parking: There's a small car park above the beach or at Sennen Cove.

  • PinLand's End / St Just in Penwith
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    Gwynver Beach Near Sennen Cornwall TR19 7DG

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