Swanpool Beach

Swanpool beach is a small, sandy cove on the outskirts of Falmouth, its sheltered, clear turquoise bay is the perfect swimming spot, whilst the nearby water sports centre offers visitors the chance to try sailing, kayaking and wind surfing.

The beach is backed by the Swanpool Lake Nature Reserve, a serene sanctuary, and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), with its large brackish (salt and freshwater) pool that provides a home to an abundance of wildlife including a group of primitive microscopic animals called Bryozoa and more than 100 species of bird. Once joined with the sea, then separated by a sand bank, a culvert was built in 1826 to lower the water level of the lagoon which led to the mix of sea and freshwater creating the unique and special habitat that exists today.

Dogs are not allowed on the beach between 1 July - 31 August, 10am to 6pm (2023)

  • PinFalmouth
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    Swanpool Beach Swanpool Falmouth Cornwall TR11 5BG

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