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    Main Gallery: Members Exhibition

    A diverse exhibition of sculptures, ceramics, paintings, drawings, and prints from the Members of The Penwith Society of Arts, St Ives, Cornwall.

    2nd February 2024 - 6th April 2024
    Penwith Gallery

    Studio Gallery: David Moore | The Artist and Studio

    Studio 8 | A solo show of paintings by Penwith Society of Arts Member, David Moore, who works from his studio in the heart of St Ives, Cornwall. ‘The artist’s studio is a place to develop ideas, of contemplation and creative practice. Although not all studios are the same, each artist has his or her own individual arrangements to accommodate these possibilities.

    With some painters the pre-conditions in the pursuit of the development of ideas and practise can only be achieved through a loose framework of order and a tendency towards an albeit rather unconscious chaotic approach.

    In the process of painting, accidental effects are important as the painting progresses. This results in the painting dictating to a certain degree the direction and what the next step will be.

    If this is the case, it’s not surprising that an untidy looking studio will develop.

    Where there is a dependency with the artist to follow instinctive and chance effects in the process of producing a painting, the areas of the studio could take on and reflect the activity of the artist. Of course some studios depend on a stricter pattern of order. This would again reflect in the work produced and the necessary condition of a working studio.’

    – David Moore.

    2nd February - 2nd March 2024
    Penwith Gallery

    New Gallery: Associate Members Exhibition

    Exhibiting a variety of sculptures, ceramics, paintings, drawings, photographs and prints from our Associate Members of the Penwith Society of Arts.

    2nd February 2024 - 2nd March 2024
    Penwith Gallery

    Penwith Gallery Archive Collection featuring drawings by Sven Berlin

    The Penwith Gallery’s ‘Hepworth Room’ is home to unique exhibitions from our own Penwith Gallery Archive Collection, artistic luminaries of the 20th Century and loaned works from ‘Friends of The Penwith’ as well as pop up educational shows. Along with our varied exhibitions of artworks The Hepworth Room also displays treasures from our paper archive of both The Penwith Society and Penwith Galleries Ltd. On permanent display in The Hepworth Room is our pride and joy, Barbara Hepworth’s sculpture ‘Magic Stone’, John Milne’s sculpture ‘Wave Form’ and a wonderful 8ft photograph of Barbara by Peter Kinnear.

    Specific past shows include ‘Jeff Harris and friends’ in conjunction with The Belgrave Gallery and an exclusive ‘Cornel Lucas’ photography exhibition. This year we will be continuing to host exclusive exhibitions with renowned photographer Brian Seed in July and as a special Christmas time treat, an exhibition of Christmas cards by the sculptor Denis Mitchell in November. We will also be hosting a joint exhibition of artist and author Tom Cross with The Belgrave Gallery in October.

    2nd February 2024 onwards
    Penwith Art Gallery

    Lydia Corbett, Sylvette David | A Retrospective

    ‘Encounters with Picasso & the Making of Art’ Friday 8 March 16:00, a talk with the artist & Lucien Berman. Then join us for the preview on Friday 8 March 17:30 onwards, all welcome! Meet the artist Saturday 9 March 11:00 – 13:00.

    Lydia Corbett, also known as Sylvette David and known to art lovers all over the world as “The Girl with the Ponytail”, is Pablo Picasso’s last living muse.

    Born in Paris in 1934, Sylvette was invited by Picasso to his studio in Vallauris at the age of nineteen after he caught sight of her the previous year through an old pottery window and became fascinated by her. Picasso internalised her as his muse, in drawings and a series of lithographs, and she regularly posed for him from that fateful meeting onwards. The meeting would alter Sylvette’s life. Sylvette David was for Picasso, his last, unobtainable love.

    For many years Lydia Corbett has divided her time between homes in Devon and Provence. A hugely talented and still prolific artist in her own right, Corbett’s works tell the story of a woman who shared Picasso’s artistic life for a time and intertwined it with her own, continuing to develop her strong artistic voice.

    The exhibition at the Penwith Gallery is one of Corbett’s most comprehensive, bringing together early and late works, the watercolours and oils of the past thirty years alongside ceramics which the artist has gathered and repurposed, using them as a blank canvas for her self-portraits and recurring motifs. Many of the works attest to a return to source – memories of Picasso, of the inner life of objects. Corbett recaptures Sylvette as a girl, the subjects of her art through a process of assimilation and reduction – a vase of flowers, an old kettle, a church, the horses, the hammocks, the dappled sunshine of Camaret in Provence and the Mediterranean Sea.

    Lydia Corbett is a visionary artist, no less visionary for her failing eyesight, as her subject is focused on inner vision, inner presence. Lydia Corbett’s Retrospective Exhibition at the Penwith Gallery is curated by the artist along with Lucien Berman.

    8th March - 6th April 2024
    Penwith Art Gallery

    Julia Maleeva | MY THREE SEAS

    Preview: Friday 8th March 17:30 onwards, all welcome!

    MY THREE SEAS – a journey between the Mediterranean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Black Sea. A solo exhibition of oil and cold wax paintings by Julia Maleeva.

    “The sources for my works are coming from my travels around Southern France, Cornwall and Bulgarian Black Sea coast. What makes these places special for me is the light, which is very distinctive and specific. These places are around water, and the colours differ because of the magic of light.

    The attempt to bridge the colours of Provence, Cornwall and Black Sea coast, has been a journey between sea, wind, roads, emotions, ink sketches, canvas, paint, light and a viewer. My art is a deconstruction process of layers of paint waiting to be scraped and then layered back in a different perspective, just to show something more interesting. The way to go backwards discovers to me a unique story, like a detective game to find clues from the past.”

    Working in oils, Julia is fascinated with the interplay of different perspectives and dimensions, amalgamation of techniques. Exploring two-dimensional relationship with form, colour and texture has always been her main interest. The challenge to maintain the right balance between graphic lines and colours. Influenced by her architectural background often the protagonist is a forgotten old building on a charming cobbled street.

    “I use cold wax as one of the main ingredients in my paintings, which allows me to create unique textures. Working only with palette knives I often add to the premixed oil/wax substance – Cornish sand, chopped sea weeds, old tea leaves or just scrapes of old paint from my palette. The whole scraping process involves my imagination to reuse everything again into the painting and be able to create a kind of sustainable art. Small bobbles are one of my signatures, made from scrapes and different mixtures. The wax also helps me to establish more translucency to the oil colours. I am ultimately on a journey to create a new fusion of dry point and oil painting, wrapped in cold wax.”

    – Julia Maleeva.

    8th March - 6th April 2024.
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