Events at Royal Cornwall Museum

    29 March - 6 July

    Marvellous Mechanical Museum at Royal Cornwall Museum

    At the turn of a lever, or the push of a button, watch whole worlds come to life. Giggle with the artists at quirky, moving sculptures. Goggle at mechanical crafts created in Cornish workshops on land and sea. Step into the Marvellous Mechanical Museum, coming soon to Royal Cornwall Museum.

    From 29 March - 6 July, visit the Marvellous Mechanical Museum at Royal Cornwall Museum. This exhibition promises to be fun for all the family, with mysterious, interactive and quirky mechanical creations. Toured by Cabaret mechanical Theatre, this show also highlights the creativity of Cornish creators and the revival of automata.

    Over the Easter Holidays, this show will be accompanied by 'Curious Contraptions'. Part workshop, part performance, part exhibit, 'Curious Contraptions' is your chance to create an automata that will link together with other creations to create one spectacular, moving piece, operated by a single handle or motor.

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