Active Reality

Active Reality is a must have experience. It is Virtual Reality but 10X the immersion. It's the Future” is the most common feedback! If you have ever tried VR at home it can take your breath away, the only thing that breaks the feeling of total immersion is you have to use the controller to move around the virtual world. Using VR and advanced motion capture technology you and your friends can walk, jump, duck and interact in VR like you would in real life. Compete in epic player vs player battles where the sense of reality is blurred and you will be left heart pumping and craving for more.

Player vs Player or Team-Based games perfect for sports leagues, weekly activity and parties. Games can host up to 6 players at a time with each game lasting 5 - 15 minutes.

Variety of games available from Capture the Hill to Team Deathmatch, chose guns or master your archery skills. All will leave you sweating and craving more!

You will be engaging in epic battles against your friends and family in CYBERCLASH. Work together and survive waves of the undead in DEATH SQUAD. How good are your cooking skills? Complete orders in our new game KITCHEN PANIC. We also have an exciting list of new adventure games fr everyone to come and try.

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