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    Inspired by childhood road trips of days gone by, where the highlight of the journey was a stop at a roadside restaurant, Brightside offers a freshly cooked menu full of classic, comforting dishes, including a tasty brunch menu, brilliant burgers and proper pizzas, with lots for little ones, and plenty of vegan and gluten-free options.

    We don’t like using the word ‘retro’. Brightside’s unique interiors offer a sense of nostalgia with a modern edge.
    From sunrise to sunset and every sunny hour in between, Brightside has a tasty meal, thirst-quenching drink and tempting pudding to ensure you always Travel Happy!

    What does a Brightside restaurant look like? The interiors have a very cinematic quality – we like to think of them as a British take on the great American diner, combined with some English quaintness, which is quite endearing. We’ve taken inspiration from lots of transport motifs and booth seating with 1970s bus and tube train fabrics. There’s a familiarity to the materials we’ve used, the way they look is very tactile, evoking a feeling people will remember. Brightside is supposed to be quite fun, too, and not too serious. The colour scheme, and especially the avocado bathroom suites, are the things that people will remember. If you don’t then it’ll be interesting and something new, but a comfort for people who do recall those design choices from back in the day.

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