Callestick Farm Ice Cream Parlour

    Callestick Farm Ice Cream

    Located on site is the Callestick Ice Cream Parlour - which includes cosy indoor seating & a sheltered sun trap courtyard serving lunches, hot & cold drinks, our ever popular Cornish cream teas (remember - jam first!) & of course our wide range of ice cream and dessert offerings!

    We are perfect for an afternoon to relax in our sunny courtyard, to stop by after a day at the beach, or to shelter in our warm tea room when the Cornish weather is doing it's thing!

    Our Herd...

    Our cows have a chilled way of life, as we recognise that the healthiest and happiest cows produce the best quality milk. They roam the pastures at Callestick Farm as they please and return to the dairy only once a day for milking. The milk is then transported back across the valley to the ice creamery with our own milk tanker – where we take expert care to produce truly amazing ice cream.

    Our relaxed herd enjoy their Spring, Summer and Autumn, grazing the paddock pastures and only return to winter housing when it’s too cold and wet, for their dry period (maternity leave). This is the 2 months prior to calving that they are not producing milk as they relax in late pregnancy.

    Callestick Ice Cream Parlour

    #jam first...

    Our delicious range of ice creams are all made here at Callestick Farm. Using the fresh milk all from our own free range herd, rich double cream or thick Cornish clotted cream, as well as the finest natural ingredients – our dedicated team in the factory produce flavour upon flavour of champion Cornish ice cream.

    Aside from being made in the Cornish countryside and by caring local hands, there are a couple of other factors that make our ice cream so delicious.

    Our happy grass fed herd has a lot to do with it, as their milk produces so many beneficial vitamins and minerals which goes into our ice cream.

    Clotted cream is a renowned Cornish treasure, and while it’s lovely with jam and scones, we think it’s even lovelier mixed with a host of other flavours and popped into a tub or onto a cone! Clotted cream is a much denser, richer cream than most, which gives it a more concentrated flavour in the ice cream. We, like our customers, think this differentiation is key to creating the tastiest ice cream around!

    We’ve been here several times over the years and always come back when in the area. Great tasting ice cream, good range of options for those with allergies, and a nice play area for kids outside.

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