Rick Steins The Seafood Restaurant

    Opened by Rick Stein and Jill Stein in 1975, the Seafood Restaurant is where it all began. Boasting an international reputation for serving the freshest fish and shellfish that celebrates Cornish produce.

    Opened by Rick and Jill Stein in 1975, their flagship restaurant on the quay at Padstow is famous for establishing an international reputation for the very freshest fish and shellfish, often landed on our doorstep.

    Nearly 50 years on, the menu at The Seafood Restaurant still reflects everything that Rick set out to achieve – a celebration of great quality fish and shellfish, simply cooked. Head Chef Pete Murt leads the way now, with his team perfectly recreating Rick’s recipes time and time again for guests to experience – including lobster thermidor, turbot hollandaise and Indonesian seafood curry.

    The seafood bar at the heart of the restaurant is where you’ll find people watchers and real food enthusiasts who want to find out more about everything from the team behind the bar as they shuck oysters and pour drinks. Like a relaxed chef’s table experience where you can choose the menu. Upstairs, the terrace offers the ideal place to soak up the summer sun, whilst gazing across the scenic Camel Estuary.

    I've never thought of our restaurants as temples of gastronomy, they're just places where the fish is fresh and exhilarating and the atmosphere is alive and full of fun. The way we cook and the relaxed way the staff look after you in the restaurants is our idea of what seaside holidays in a very pretty fishing port on the North Cornish coast are all about.

    Rick Stein
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