Potager Garden

Potager has emerged from the bramble choked wilderness of an abandoned plant nursery and is now a relaxing and beautiful haven to rest a while, learning, eating, meeting friends or just relaxing.

They owners purchased the land in January 2000 and rather than clearing the whole site, the overgrown specimens were used to form the shape of the garden. Using secateurs, saws and a winch in preference to diggers and chainsaws, and with literally a tree every foot, the progress was slow but absorbing, debates and decisions taking place over each tree.

As the space gradually opened up, full sun areas were planted with scented and grey leaved lavenders, Santolina, towering jewel Echiums, Mediterranean herbs, streams of Nasturtiums and the beautiful South American Francoa appendiculata, all able to flourish in the mild climate.

Lawns were leveled and sown on ground that hadn’t seen the light of day for decades. New planting of fruit and vegetables was able to start, medlar, quince, gages, damson, mulberry, fig and even olive looking conspicuously like the new boys on the block were shoe horned into newly cleared spots.

The propagation of plants now takes place in the far end of the largest glasshouse where they also grow salads, squash, beans and sweet potatoes!

The old wooden ‘prop’ house now has been converted into three studios. Other workshops have been upgraded with new electrics, roofs and wood burners and the Potager family grows.

The refurbished glasshouse café serves freshly made, inventive meals and home-made cakes. Hammocks and games create a leisurely atmosphere and make Potager a friendly and peaceful retreat. Located close to the village of Constantine, just five miles west of Falmouth. Facilities include table tennis in the glasshouse, badminton, and boule in the garden.

Our regular opening hours are Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays from 10am to 5pm

If you'd like to visit the café please book through our website

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