The Japanese Garden

    Set in approximately 1 acre, the Japanese Garden is a perfect example of what is small is beautiful. Diminutive it may be in size, but its paths lead into a myriad of divine features, including the Water Gardens, Stroll garden and a Zen Garden - created in accordance with the philosophy of the East.

    Divine features

    A fusion of authentic Japanese gardening styles and the exotic varieties planted make this a horticultural hotspot that's definitely worth a visit. Take a stroll amongst the spectacular Japanese maples, radiant azaleas and rhododendrons, ornamental grasses and bamboo grove.

    Soak up the tranquil atmosphere from the Zen viewing house, where you can admire the array of horticultural splendour, contemplate the rockscape and savour the sweet scents of your surroundings.

    Whether you want to relax by the colourful pools swimming with Koi carp, listen to the tumbling waterfall or explore the Eastern World of horticulture, the garden has easy access making it a joy to visit for everyone. Recline on the balcony of the Cha-Seki (teahouse) to round up your experience as you take in the stunning overview of this magical paradise.

    You can't fail to be inspired by the beauty of the garden style, and the Gift shop and Plant areas are a great place to start your own collection for the creation of a Zen-balanced garden. From its stock of plant species, succulents and ornaments, to a spectacular display of Bonsai you can walk away with an entire starter-kit and some expert advice to begin the makings of your very own exotic paradise.

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