Cornwall Family History Society

The society was formed in 1976 and now has a great many active members. Many live outside Cornwall with members in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and other countries. The society maintains a Research Library in Truro for society members and the general public. One of the main aims of the society is encouraging research into Cornish family history. Another aim is the co-ordination, transcribing and indexing of original records by volunteer members.

This information is stored in a large database which is available to members able to visit Truro or online to Cornwall Family History Society members for a small extra fee. Cornwall Family History Society is a UK registered non-profit charity with one full-time paid administrator. The library and office in Truro are staffed by society volunteers. The society is run by an elected executive committee who are the trustees of the charity. A journal is published quarterly, free to members, and is one of the main means of sharing contacts within our membership. The bulk of the editorial is provided by the members.

Cornwall Family History society is a member of the Federation of Family History Societies. The society has established contact with other organisations that have similar interests – ranging from the official Cornwall Record Office and Register Offices in Cornwall to local history societies and other family history groups at home and abroad.

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