The Levant Mine and Beam Engine

Experience the sights, sounds and smells of the 1840s beam engine that powered the clifftop mine representing Cornish Mining and the World Heritage Site

In its dramatic clifftop setting in St Just in West Cornwall, Levant Mine and Beam Engine's surviving buildings and ruins as a Cornish Mining World Heritage Site offer a window on another world where men and women toiled to extract the riches of the earth from beneath crashing waves. The mine is looked after by the National Trust so that you can interact with living mining history.

Follow in the miners' footsteps through the tunnel to the man-engine shaft, listen to the tales of Edwardian miners, explore a patchwork of enigmatic ruins.

Why you should visit

  • Watch the 1840 beam engine worked by steam
  • Follow in the miners' footsteps through the tunnel to the man-engine shaft
  • Listen to the tales of Edwardian miners
  • Explore a patchwork of enigmatic ruins
  • Join an expert guide to discover the site's secrets

Don't forget, just by visiting the mine you're helping the National Trust to keep Levant Mine special and open for ever.

Poldark connection:

Location managers couldn’t resist the rich mining heritage of the stretch of west Cornwall coast linking Botallack and Levant. Owles and Crowns near Botallack stared as Wheal Leisure.

  • PinSt Just in Penwith
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