Truro Cathedral

Soaring above the surrounding rooftops, Truro Cathedral is located in the centre of this thriving Cornish city. A must-see place to visit in Cornwall which offers free entry.

Truro Cathedral provides sacred space and common ground for all. The cathedral team extends a warm welcome to people of all faiths. Open 365 days per year, the cathedral offers a range of events and services.

Truro Cathedral was the first to be built on a new site since Salisbury Cathedral was started in 1220. Who else but the Victorians would have had the audacity to contemplate such a colossal building feat which took almost thirty years to complete in 1910. For over 650 years, no-one had attempted to emulate the great cathedral builders of the medieval era. A massive building project in the same architectural style as the medieval cathedral builders could only have been the vision of the Victorians.

The cathedral is one of only three cathedrals in the United Kingdom with three spires - the classic pointed arches of the gothic style have been adapted and modern building techniques have been used to create the wonderful building you will see around you.

Daily worship services are held in the cathedral, please visit the website for further information.

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