70 Years of Farming: Callestick Farm

    Callestick has been farmed by the Parker family since 1953, initially operating a traditional mixed farm with a handful of livestock and also growing some cereals.

    Callestick Farm

    Fast forward 70 years...

    Callestick Farm Ice Cream is now a supplier of delicious Ice Cream and Sorbet to over 450+ businesses in Cornwall and beyond, also producing ice cream for none other than foodie supermarket giant Marks & Spencers.

    The secret to our dreamy, creamy ice cream is we only use free range milk from their 300 strong grass fed herd of Jersey X Friesian cows that graze on over 1,000 acres of farmland. Being grass fed and light on their feet allows us to graze them for a longer season out in the fields. We only milk just once a day, this gives us the rich milk that we need to make our ice cream super creamy and give the girls the happy life they deserve. Our milking parlour is 3 miles away from the factory by road but only half a mile across the valley as the crow flies.

    My Grandmother bought Callestick Farm in 1935, my father started farming here in 1953 & now we have the 4th generation running the business, with the 5th generation product tasting every day!

    Sebastian Parker Managing Director
    Sebastian and Simon Parker
    Sebastian and Simon Parker

    The M&S contract created much excitement but also lots of work to be done on the farm, with production and freezer space being the main concern. After months of hard work through a cold & wet winter, the factory size has now increased by 60% plus taking on more local staff to keep up with the upcoming demand.

    Callestick Farm now has a newly installed spiral freezer, which has taken the lengthy overnight freezing process in the blast freezer to a now speedy 60-minute journey on a freezer come helter-skelter. This new method of freezing now means a greater volume of product can be produced and of even smoother consistency than before.

    It’s so important to us as a Cornish family and business to preserve the natural landscape for generations to come, looking after our land just as well as we look after our animals.

    Sam ParkerAgricultural Director

    You can grab a scoop of our award-winning ice cream from pubs, restaurants, farm shops and scooping parlours all over Cornwall and beyond. You can also visit the home of Callestick and treat yourself in the Callestick Parlour located on the farm. Here we serve cream teas, hot waffles, milkshakes & of course our delicious scooped ice cream… With a selection of 18 different flavours changed daily, you will be spoilt for choice!

    We are perfect for a midweek after school treat or to shelter in our cosy tea room when the Cornish weather isn’t so kind!

    Our Callestick philosophy is simple ... ‘A balanced diet is an ice cream in each hand!’

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