Five to try: lighthouses in Cornwall

Cornwall’s lighthouses perform a vital role in the safety of mariners and offer stunning landmarks. Here's our pick of five to explore.

Lizard Lighthouse - The Lizard
One of Cornwall’s most iconic landmarks, the twin towers of the Lizard Lighthouse mark the most southerly point of mainland Britain. A lighthouse was first built here in 1619 but was later demolished and then rebuilt in 1752 with its two lights. The western light was removed in 1903 and in 1998 the light was automated and the keepers moved out. Today, the Lizard Lighthouse is one of the few lighthouses that can actually be visited. Step inside the Visitor Centre housed within the Engine Room and experience life as a Lighthouse Keeper – climb the lighthouse tower, sound a foghorn and send a message using Morse Code. Please note - the Lizard Lighthouse Heritage Centre is closed for 2023.

St Anthony’s Lighthouse - St Anthony's near St Mawes
Sitting at the eastern entrance to Falmouth Harbour on the western point of the Roseland Peninsula, St Anthony’s Lighthouse has guided ships into Falmouth since 1835. Today it is perhaps best known for its starring role in the much-loved children’s TV series of the 80’s, Fraggle Rock and has become home to one of Cornwall’s most sought-after holiday rentals; its former lighthouse keeper cottage.

Godrevy Lighthouse - Godrevy, St Ives Bay
As Virginia Woolf’s inspiration for ‘To the Lighthouse’, the beauty of the vista encapsulating Godrevy Lighthouse is renowned and has attracted many more than just the fans of her bestselling novel on the literary trail. Located on an island 3½ miles across from St Ives, Godrevy Lighthouse was built in 1859 following a catalogue of fatal shipwrecks on the Stones, a dangerous reef which extends outwards from the island towards St Ives. In 2012 Trinity House replaced the light within the tower with an LED light mounted on a platform on nearby rocks.

Trevose Head Lighthouse - Trevose Head near Padstow
Rising to a height of 150 feet above the crashing waves on a headland in north Cornwall, between the sandy beaches of Harlyn and Constantine, the need for Trevose Head Lighthouse was much debated before its eventual build in 1847. Now converted into holiday cottages, Trevose’s four keepers’ cottages provide exhilarating visitor experiences and offer an opportunity to see the power of Mother Nature from the comfort of an exclusive hideaway.

Longships Lighthouse - near Land's End
Positioned one mile out to sea to the west of Land’s End's rugged cliffs at the extreme southwest point of mainland Britain, Longships Lighthouse is one of Cornwall’s earliest lighthouses, having been built in 1795. It warns shipping of the rocks below which had previously claimed countless ships blinded by thick sea mist.

These lighthouses are owned and maintained by Trinity House, for more information visit

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