Bare Feet Coasteer

Hi my name is Nick Webb, I own and manage Bare Feet Coasteer.

I love coasteering and feel a huge amount of pride in taking people out coasteering so that they can enjoy this amazing experience too. Bare Feet Coaster was established in the winter of 2011 and we took our first coaster sessions out in March 2012.

I am extremely lucky to work with an amazing group of guides - our entire focus is on safety and our customers' enjoyment.

We are proud to offer high quality equipment such as 5mm C Skin Wetsuits,, Bumper Helmets, Gul Buoyancy Aids. I personally wash, disinfect and dry all the equipment after use so I can offer equipment that is clean and dry for our customers. I have a personal view that I only want to hand out equipment that I would be happy to wear myself. I buy and service the best equipment so that we can ensure our customers are as comfortable and protected as possible.

All of our routes are fully risk assessed and all of our guides are highly experienced coaster guides who are also trained beach life guards We have all spent many years coasteering the routes we take our customers out on.

We are also the only coaster company in Newquay that offer a set of Photos and Video clips taken on our Go Pro cameras as standard within our price. We also offer a 3 hour session unlike some competitors who drop to 2.5 or even 2 hour sessions during busy times. Make sure you ask your chosen company what you are getting for your money when you book.
I hope you choose to book with us. We are proud to be ranked No1 on Trip Advisors list of outdoor activity providers for Newquay.

See you on the Cliffs !

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