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We’re outdoor adventure activity enthusiasts…

Join us for our unique adventure weekends, daily surfing & coasteering activities or choose from a range of specialist surf tutorials and tours in Newquay and surrounding areas.

Take yourself on a surfing holiday! Groups, families or individuals are welcome… Come along for a group surf lesson or coasteering session in Newquay or let us create your own exclusive private surf lesson for a fantastic introduction to surfing!

Cornwall offers an amazing choice in surfing schools and opportunities to explore, with fantastic, beautiful beaches and surf schools all over the coastline. Here at Cornish Wave, we are based at one of the premier beaches for surfers, and our Cornwall surfing lessons give you the chance to try out this exciting sport under the expert guidance of our instructors.

Surfing lessons in Cornwall are ideal for individuals, couples or even larger groups of friends or family to be able to enjoy the sea safely and exploring the ever-popular sport right here on the Cornish coastline. A great fun activity, surfing is fantastic for your fitness levels, offering a challenging physical workout each time you ride the waves. Our experienced, friendly instructors can teach you the skills you need to enjoy this adventurous sport and learn to surf safely. A Surfing Holiday in Cornwall is fun for all!

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