Colwith Farm Distillery

Colwith Farm Distillery is Cornwall’s first and only ‘plough to bottle’ gin and vodka distillery.

Come and see how we transform the potatoes grown on our fifth generation family farm into award winning vodka and gin - then sample the produce straight from the source. Or better still, have a go at making your own!

Whereas most craft distilleries buy-in mass produced ethanol, at Colwith Farm Distillery, everything is delicately produced from scratch on one single estate. Even the water used in the production process rises from an aquifer situated beneath the distillery. It is much more challenging, time consuming and costly to produce spirits this way - but we truly believe it's worth it.

Do visit, we offer Guided Distillery Tours, Tutored Tastings, Gin Schools and Masterclasses as well as the UK's first plough to bottle Vodka School and Masterclass!

We also have a beautiful, upcycled tasting bar overlooking the picturesque countryside and a Distillery shop where you can enjoy free samples!

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