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Dacey’s Cornish Tours is a little bit different from what you might expect: the agenda is yours, not ours. While we offer group transport and an organized itinerary, we also offer flexibility and the opportunity to customize your trip.

Dacey’s Cornish Tours is a unique hybrid travel experience that involves group transportation but never feels like a package tour. We are not about a “one size fits all” formula. Instead, we’re hands-on when it comes to the logistics of travel but we’re hands-off when you need us to be, allowing each traveler an authentic, personal connection with the place they’ve come to see.

The adventure is yours. We’re just here to make sure nothing gets in the way.

  • PinPort Isaac / St Ives / Tintagel / Padstow / Mousehole / Land's End / Penzance / Isles of Scilly
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