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A medieval garden with a historic house all set within an ancient and atmospheric estate. Beautiful, romantic garden, with a long and fascinating history. Time has stood still giving it a haunting air of antiquity and peace.

Hidden in shaded woodland, Godolphin escaped modernisation and contemporary fashions. The granite-faced terraces and sunken lawns of the Side Garden have seen little change since the 16th century and Victorian farm buildings tell the story of Godolphin as a tenant farm.

The estate, once busy with prosperous tin mines, is now part of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site and is wonderful walking country, rich in archaeology, rare plants and wildlife.

Don’t forget to visit Godolphin Hill on the south-westerly reaches of the estate. Here you can breathe in some of the best views in Cornwall looking out over St Ives Bay to the north and the famous St Michael’s Mount to the south.

Disappear into the tranquil and mysterious woodland, where the years of mining have left an unnatural, undulating landscape. Go for a stroll along the river and don’t forget to stop for a refreshing cup of tea and slice of home-made cake in our tea-room.

The house is only open to the public for 1 week of every month (except January), from the first Saturday to the following Thursday.

National Trust Images/James Dobson

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