The Smuggler's Way

Walk across Cornwall taking in its finest landscapes

A long distance walking route (36 miles (58 kilometres) from Boscastle to Looe, that goes across Bodmin Moor via Rough Tor and Brown Willy, before dropping into the West Looe Valley to follow the river to the south coast port.

The Smugglers' Way came to prominence thanks to the sterling work of Frank Squibb who documented his experiences of the route and produced a series of guides in 2002. For the actual crossing of the Moor, that rises to over 1300 ft on the summit of Brown Willy, experienced navigational skills are recommended. Bodmin Moor is renowned for mists and changeable weather, so always check the weather forecast before commencing your journey and wear appropriate footwear etc.

The route leaves Boscastle and climbs up to Davidstow on the northern edge of the moor. From here it climbs up onto Roughtor and Brown Willy before descending to Jamaica Inn at Bolventor. From here the hardest part is over, the pretty village of St Neot is passed and by the time you reach Dobwalls the moor is well behind you. You drop into the verdant West Looe Valley and follow the river for around seven miles down to Looe and its historic fishing port.

The Smugglers Way website is no longer live, for more information please email

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