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Embark on a fascinating journey through Cornwall on a tour. Whether self-guided or with an experienced guide, there is no better way to learn about the region. Tailor a tour to your interests and discover more of what you love in Cornwall. Embark on a journey through time, jump into the screen at filming locations, and savour the landscapes that inspired your favourite artists and authors. Whatever your interests, explore them in Cornwall.

Tintagel Castle

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Cornwall boasts a fascinating history filled with ancient sites, medieval castles, and intriguing tales. A tour allows you to delve into the region's past, exploring historic landmarks, and gaining insights into Cornwall's cultural heritage. Also, going on a tour with experienced guides ensures that you receive insider knowledge and insights about Cornwall. They can share interesting facts, stories, and lesser-known attractions, enhancing your overall experience.

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What a fantastic experience. Thank you James for coordinating, and Tim our amazing tour guide. We did 3 days in the English countryside and the views were astounding. Tim, was a great guide and managed to get us to all of our requested sites, and even ordered the most beautiful weather for us. Thank you for making this a trip to remember

Heidi - Tripadvisor (May 2023)Review of Select South West Tours

Discover more of Cornwall on your next visit with a guided tour. Browse local guides and plan the perfect day out.

  • Leading film website IMDb list over 20 films and tv series that have been shot at Charlestown. Perhaps the most famous these days is Poldark, but it can also be seen in the award winning Cornish film Bait, Tim Burton's 2010 version of Alice in Wonderland, the 1976 war film, The Eagle has Landed and Mel Gibson's Apocalypto where it doubled as a Central American harbour!

    It's also been used for a recent episode of Dr Who, featured in BBC's sci-fi drama Tripods in the 1980s and before that in the historical series The Onedin Line

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