Travel to Cornwall by Train

Great Western Railway (GWR) operate high speed train services frequently from London Paddington station including the Night Riviera Sleeper service to Penzance. There are also direct trains daily from Bristol and beyond using Cross-Country.

Once in Cornwall, there's a great rail network for getting around the county, perfect for those car-free breaks. Explore the corners of Cornwall from St Ives to Looe, sit back and enjoy the scenery on the Tamar Valley Line or head to the beach at Newquay or Falmouth.

1. So many ways to save

  • When you travel by train you could save over 50% just by booking in advance.

  • Travel off-peak.

  • You can save a 1/3 with a railcard. A selection of railcards are available whether you are between 16 and 30 years of age (16 – 25, 26 – 30 Railcards), travelling with family and/or friends (Family and Friends Railcard), travelling in a pair (Two Together Railcard) or over 65 (Senior Railcard) and that’s not all of them.

  • If you are travelling with children - Children aged five to fifteen inclusive get a 50% discount on most tickets. In addition, children under five can travel free with a fare paying customer.

  • With Groupsave, if you are travelling in a group of between 3 and 9 adults, you can get a 1/3 off Standard Off-Peak tickets when travelling together on Great Western Railway.

  • Whether you need to travel when it’s busy or you prefer to go when it’s quieter, our fixed-price Family Ticket offers great savings for up to 2 adults and 4 children.* It’s available on hundreds of GWR journeys across our network

2. Night Riviera Sleeper

Travel overnight on the Night Riviera Sleeper from London Paddington to Penzance, Truro or one of many stations in Cornwall and wake up in the tranquil county away from the hustle and bustle.

The Night Riviera Sleeper is a unique experience. It’s a hotel on wheels so if you have lots to squeeze in while in Cornwall, this is the ideal transport solution.

Purchase a cabin ‘add on’ alongside your train ticket and enjoy your own bed.

Night Riviera Sleeper
Night Riviera Sleeper

3. Environment

Taking the train already helps tackle climate change – it cuts carbon emissions by two thirds compared to travelling by car. A single car removes up to 500 cars off the roads. *

4. Go further with Ride Cornwall

A Ride Cornwall ticket allows unlimited off-peak travel for one day throughout Cornwall on all rail, and most buses, within Cornwall for just £18 adult, £9 child.

GWR-Night-Riviera-Sleeper-Penzance-14042021-0443-4[99] (1)-min.jpg

5. Trains across Cornwall

Did you know that St Ives, Falmouth, Newquay and Looe are all accessible by train? Take a look at the GWR network map and explore all the great places you can visit.

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