Autumn Seed Search

1 Oct 2021 to 30 Nov 2021
Don your wellies, head out on a tree-covered or hedge-lined walk, and search out native tree seeds to give Mother Nature a helping hand this autumn

Growing and planting more native trees is a vital and important step in improving the natural environment. Thankfully, trees naturally disperse seeds that have the potential to become seedlings, then saplings before becoming tomorrow's trees. However, there is a pressing need for more trees across Cornwall and that’s where you come in!

Collecting and growing native tree seeds is a hands-on and straightforward way to help nature in its recovery and improve the environment where you live - for both wildlife and people. Best of all, your efforts now have a tangible impact long into the future!

To find out everything you need to start you Autumn Seed Search simply head to where you can:

  • Find out how to get prepared by sourcing compost, sand and containers
  • Learn which seeds are best to pick during which autumn months
  • Understand how to store and plant the seeds you collect
  • Let us know which seeds you collected
  • Sign up for regular updates including how to care for your seeds as they grow and, eventually, where to plant your tree for maximum environmental impact

As the much-quoted proverb says: “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time is now”. Give Mother Nature a helping hand by heading out on an Autumn Seed Search; the impact of planting just one seed could last for generations.

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