Carinthia West & Ken Gill: Rock & Steel Exhibition

3 Mar 2018 to 25 Mar 2018
Tremenheere Garden
Tremenheere Garden
TR20 8YL

Rock  &  Steel  celebrates  the  work  of  photographer  Carinthia  West  and  artist  Ken   Gill  at  Tremenheere  Gallery,  part  of  Tremenheere  Sculpture  Gardens.

Focusing  on  the  most  famous  musicians  of  the  1970s,  Carinthia's  vast  collection   of  original  photographs  includes  portraits  of  David  Bowie,  The  Rolling  Stones,   George  Harrison,  Carly  Simon  and  Neil  Young,  among  others.  Carinthia  formed   close  and  long-­‐lasting  friendships  with  the  remarkable  people  she  worked  with   and  many  of  the  images  capture  a  natural  and  unguarded  moment  between   photographer  and  their  famous  subject.      

The  exhibition  shares  the  fascinating  and  unique  story  behind  many  of  the   photographs,  including  accompanying  Mick  Jagger  and  Ronnie  Wood  to  the   fourth  birthday  party  of  Diana  Ross’s  daughter  in  Malibu,  California.  Also   included  is  a  photograph  of  Carly  Simon  in  the  same  café  in  Brooklyn,  New  York   that  later  inspired  her  to  write  the  song  ‘Let  the  River  Run’,  winner  of  the  1989   Oscar  for  Best  Original  Song.    

This  collection  of  photographs  brings  together  some  of  the  most  iconic  and   famous  musicians  from  a  previous  era,  all  under  one  roof  in  Cornwall.  Carinthia,   who  now  lives  in  west  Cornwall,  has  recently  exhibited  in  London,  Los  Angeles,   Chicago  and  San  Francisco.      

Alongside  Carinthia’s  photographs  is  a  collection  of  recent  sculpture  by   Penzance-­‐based  artist  Ken  Gill.  Although  this  is  Ken’s  first  time  exhibiting  at   Tremenheere  Gallery,  he  has  previously  sited  a  permanent  artwork,  Skhimza,  in   the  gardens  at  Tremenheere.    

The gallery is open Tuesday-Sunday from 11am-4pm, free entry.