Of Land and Sea

31 Aug 2019 to 28 Sep 2019
Penwith Gallery
Penwith Gallery
Back Road West
St Ives
PL26 1NL
Recent collaborative paintings by Peter Wray and Judy Collins.

For this exhibition at the Penwith Gallery, we have decided to return to a more semi-figurative approach to our image-making and our interpretation of subject matter, in order to enable, between the two of us, a more effective dialogue in our search for the ‘essence’ of a particular idea. We hope that this will also enable the viewer to approach the work in a more open and reflective manner, appreciating and enjoying the diversity of interpretation offered by the images they are contemplating.’ 

Wray & Collins have exhibited widely throughout the country, and their collaborative work is in private and corporate collections, both in the UK and abroad.

Despite coming together from different artistic backgrounds, Wray and Collins have a response to materials, art process and landscape that is very close. Nowhere is this more apparent than in their collaborative paintings, enabling their individual practices to move toward a meeting point and a natural progression towards a collective expression of individual, though shared, experience.

They describe the unusual practice of two artists working collaboratively on one painting as a 'dialogue'. Starting points and ideas are discussed, each beginning with an idea and exploring it until the other takes over the idea and expands it. This is repeated as an ongoing discourse until an agreed conclusion is reached whereby the resulting image takes on its own 'voice'.

In general, the work tends to draw upon embodiments of memories and experiences rather than specific locations. The process evolves as a memory of a contour, shape, texture or experience which is laid down on the surface. The mark made, a further response or recollection is called up, which is then recorded and edited until something finally feels authentic.

The paintings are partially abstract in execution and are as much about the materials used and the process of using them. Ideas develop and decisions are constantly revised as the work progresses. 

There is a fluidity in the process, where boundaries and forms change; the surface being drawn on often many times, with textures building up and ideas changing in their complexity. Tones, harmonious shapes and linear elements form - and break - connections, creating a sense of atmosphere, space and being, in which the viewer is invited to contemplate and share, and thereby 'complete' the work.


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