Richard Kaye, Recent Work 2017-2021

29 May 2021 to 4 Jun 2021
Salthouse Gallery
Salthouse Gallery
Norway Square
St Ives
TR26 1NB

Following on from Richard’s previous shows in 2018 and 2020, this sees a growth in confidence and a very refreshing collection, with striking architectural emphasis. 

It contains a mix of recent work from hand tinted screen prints featuring brutalist architectural subjects through to very bold angular abstract landscapes painted on a large scale in acrylic. Although varied in medium, you can clearly see that he has a love for strong compositions and compelling use of colour.

Most recently painting has been the main focus for Richard, becoming totally immersed in creating a series of abstract landscapes focusing closely on colour balance and composition to engage the viewer. Some of the landscapes are heavily influenced by the surrounding area, especially the coastline, seaside towns and cliffs around Lyme Regis. The most recent series are like magnified versions of his earlier work, the colours and shapes have become more bold, angular and severe in a bid to win the viewers attention. 

He has also recently worked a small series of drawings of brutaliust architecture, focusing mainly on stairways. These are very detailed and realistic which pushed Richard to break into new techniques within pencil drawing.

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