Looe Live!

17 Sep 2021 to 19 Sep 2021
East Looe
PL13 1AA
It has been anounced that Looe Live! won’t be taking place this September and is postponed until the 17-19th September 2021.

Cornwall does things differently. Its wild and unique culture rooted in Celtic heritage gives rise to a wonderfully carefree spirit. It dances to its own beat. It’s almost to be expected then that a music festival that takes place in the lesser known south east of the county isn’t like other music festivals. In fact, it isn’t like any other festival.

For one weekend in September the entire pretty coastal fishing town invites visitors of all ages to join the party. 

LooeLive! is one of a kind. It’s got a grown-up, doing-it-our-own-way attitude. It’s more of a friendly gathering, where music and arts fill the streets.  

So much more than just music

Looe Live! festival’s passions run far deeper than music; it’s a celebration that brings together all that is great about Looe’s community spirit. 

The festival offers the chance to hear some stellar music, fill up on local food and drink, enjoy workshops and activities and an abundance of only-in-Cornwall moments. And when the day is done, it’s not the usual soggy tents and well-trodden fields that festival-goers retreat to, it’s classy B&Bs, independent hotels and local cottages – so much more dignified and so much more Looe!

With five stages, including one on the beach, a comedy stage in the Guild Hall and classical music stage in the church – plus a range of different genres of music on offer, including jazz and country and western, dancing on the sea front and performances by local choirs, and a new community zone, there is plenty on offer for people to enjoy.  

Inspiring wider exploration of Looe and South East Cornwall, Looe Live! Festival could be enjoyed as part of a holiday, and with so much to do in the area, there’s plenty to entertain for a week or even longer…

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For more information see looelive.co.uk,

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For information on getting to the Looe Live! by car, train, bus and coach, visit https://looelive.co.uk/getting-here/

About Looe Live!

Looe Live! festival is deliberately held at a time of the year when tourist numbers are tumbling from summertime highs. The event is designed to help stimulate the local economy and develop cultural tourism to the area. 

The background: 

Looe Music Festival, founded in 2010, aimed to raise awareness of Cornish culture and heritage – however in 2018 when the three-day festival was unexpectedly cancelled just weeks before the event, the local community rallied to ensure that the show did go on. 

Thanks to a dedicated group of hard-working residents, volunteers and a few good-willing event professionals, ‘Looe Saves The Day’ formed in just 17 days. The festival’s rescue mission enabled hundreds of people, who’d already booked accommodation, to come to Looe as planned and enjoy the festivities.

Following the success of 2018, Looe Saves The Day rebranded into Looe Live! -  a new festival name, with the same ethos and community spirit at its core.

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