Easter at Heligan

6 Apr 2019 to 22 Apr 2019
St Austell
PL26 6EN
Dog Friendly

This Easter, we invite you to join us in welcoming some very special new arrivals to the Heligan Estate. 29 of our rare breed ewes are pregnant and set to give birth from 1st April heralding the beginning of Spring on Home Farm. Pop into The Barn and you may witness the miracle of birth and meet some very small new friends.

While you’re here we’ve also got a whole host of Easter activities for you to enjoy. Explore the gardens of our ‘Grow Your Own’ Trail! On your journey you’ll find everything that you need to grow your very own runner bean plant at home.

When you’ve collected everything that you need, head to our Easter marquee to plant your bean and begin a journey to growing your own food! Look after your runner beans at home and watch them grow! How high will they grow and will your plant grow high into the clouds leading you to a Giant’s Kingdom?

You’re not done yet! As well as meeting some new friends and planting your own beans, we’ve got a number of Easter games for you to enjoy with your family. Who will be crowned champion of Highland Cow Horn Hoopla? Can Dad balance his egg to win our egg and spoon race and will Nan show that she’s a dark horse in the Heligan Hobby Horse Derby?

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